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Shame lyrics


    >> All lyrics and chords of "System Of A Down"
    >> System Of A Down
        Intro: Serj Tankian (RZA)
    {Masta Killa}
    I fuck yo ass up
    I fuck yo ass up (fuck him up
    I fuck yo ass up (fuck him up
    son) {Wu for life}
    I fuck ya ass up (fuck him up!)

    Chorus: Serj Tankian
    Shame on a nigga who try to
    run game on a nigga
    Who fuck round with the trigger!
    Shame on a nigga who try to
    run game on a nigga
    Yo I'll fuck ya ass up!

    [Serj Tankian]
    Hut one, hut two, hut three,
    S.O.A.D., live and uncut!
    Styles unbreakable,
    To the young youth, ya wanna
    get gun? Shoot!
    BLAM! How you like me
    now? Don't fuck the style
    Ruthless wild!
    Do ya wanna getcha teeth
    knocked the FUCK out?
    Wanna get on it like that, well
    then shout!
    Lasers, amazers
    Hit me with the major
    The damage, my Clan
    understand it be flavor
    Gunnin, hummin comin atcha
    First I'm gonna getcha, once I
    gotcha, I gat-cha
    You could never capture the
    inner-man's stature
    For rhyme and for rapture, got
    niggaz resigning, now master
    My style? Never! I put the
    fucking buck in the wild kid
    Let's get together!

    Shame on a nigga who try to
    run game on a nigga (2X)


    Drunk like 20 white boys in the
    back of a pick up truck
    With hockey pucks and
    skateboards on their way to
    Leave home the glock, and
    have a gun the size of a black
    Shoot planets, don't get frantic
    Throw your hands up in the
    air, don't panic
    Supreme Arm Leg Leg Arm
    Head, Wu-Tang Clan as tight as
    strong dreads

    Shame on a nigga who try to
    run game on a nigga (2X)


    [Serj Tankian]
    Come wit that ol' loco
    Style from my vocal
    Couldn't peep it with a pair of
    I'm no joker! Play me as a
    Be on you like a house on fire!
    Smoke ya!
    Crews be actin like they gangs,
    Be like, "Warriors! Come out
    and playiyay!"
    Burn me, I get into shit, I let it
    out like diarrhoea
    Got burnt once, but that was
    only gonorrhea
    Dirty, I keep shit stinks in my
    So I can get fzzy-funky for yah
    Murder, taste the flame of the
    Wu-Tang RAHH!
    Here comes the Tiger verses
    Ow, be like wild with my style
    Punk! You playing me, chump,
    you get DUMPED
    WU! Is comin THROUGH! At a
    theatre near YOU!
    And get funked up like a SHOE!

    Shame on a nigga who try to
    run game on a nigga (2X)


    I'll fuck ya ass up (4x)

    Fuck his ass up
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